Gertrude Stein


“There is no there there”, Gertrude Stein famously said, when she referred to the Oakland of her childhood as a place with no specific characteristics. An “anywhere” – a place without direction going nowhere, where nothing significant ever happens or makes any progress. And without progress there can be no real change, neither of people nor of places.

We believe that a successful transformation of your office is about creating a workplace with clear purpose and unique qualities. A place you connect with instantly, where you feel inspired, proud and empowered. A place with personality to remember and to be remembered by.

We call it placeness – the quality of a place being a distinct “somewhere”.

Getting your business to that somewhere, is our mission. It’s a journey where results matters and execution makes a lot of difference. Let us guide you through the challenge of creating a new office and turn it into an opportunity to initiate real change – from the way you work to the way you express your company’s identity. Let us together turn it into the natural centre point of your business, a workplace that is uniquely yours in every way. A place for people to belong, grow, thrive and flourish.

Make the move that matters – from anywhere to somewhere.

We’ll lead you there.


We deliver project management and strategic consulting, by helping you plan, administrate and execute the transformation of your work place. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, digitalize the office, need to down-size or there is a call for a change in the way your office functions, we’ll make sure that you have all the tools, elements and assistance you’ll require to reach your company goals. To get you there, we’ll assemble a team to meet all of your business requirements.


Our work process contains four phases. At Placeness we believe that to generate the best possible result, it’s important to follow thorough the full program. Taking short cuts will most certainly end up more time consuming and expensive than the planned course of action. We will work in close contact with you in every stage for you to feel comfortable and secure all through the development of the project.


We start by looking at the business case and overall objectives for the project and set up a team that is up to the task. Parallel to this runs the process to figure out different wants, wishes and needs throughout the organization. The pre-study analysis renders a program and a general interior and tech concept as well as a project plan and schedule. In addition to this we’ll also research and negotiate premises, together with the lease and its supplements. This also builds a base for anchoring the project in-house among the co-workers, a key component to get everybody onboard and in the same course.


Next phase is planning every element of the new space, detailing the interior and tech concept, office layout, security and IT solutions.
With this we’ll be able to produce the RFP (Request For Proposals) for furniture and tech,finalizing construction documents to the contractor and set the all-important budget review.


After the detailed planning is set, we’ll be ready to start sourcing suppliers and vendors, sending out the RFP for quotations. We’ll help you sort, evaluate and negotiate the contracts to find a suitable solution for your project. Quotes will be compiled, and financial decisions made before concluding the purchase orders.


This is the phase where it happens and the real action begins. The construction starts, and our team will oversee the development on site, monitoring inspections and deliveries, installation and mounting, making sure that everything works and runs according to plan! At the end of this, you will finally be ready to move in to your new space.


Evaluation and adjustments

Things take time to land in perfection. Once you’ve settled in and really start using your new work space, there will almost certainly be some minor detail or rearrangement that’s needed to be done. We’ll follow up on your goals and expectation and support and make action lists of things that you feel will need to be added or altered. It is important to us that you have all the elements and tools you need for a working environment that supports your business needs, before we’ll let you go.




Make the move that matters


 +46 (0)76 306 86 99


Ulrica O Magnusson

Senior consultant and 
project manager with over 23 years of experience in the field of developing properties for tenants.

Oversees the process in all the aspects from feasibility studies and business cases, all the way to moving in date and getting the business started in the new property.


+46 (0)70 926 45 11


Lina Åkerlund

Project manager and coordinator with focus on company relocations and furniture.
Steer and coordinate all project activities regarding the move to new locations, with re-used furniture or new. Also oversees the purchase of new furniture and making sure everything is in order before the company moves in.